【With Video】The delivery man collapsed due to cardiac arrest, medical students performed perfect first aid. Wang Chih-ya condemned Le Meridien Taipei hotel for the death of her brother: What was done right?
【With Video】The delivery man collapsed due to cardiac arrest, medical students performed perfect first aid. Wang Chih-ya condemned Le Meridien Taipei hotel for the death of her brother: What was done right?

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Reported by Alexander Chiu and Shengwen Lee for CNEWS, Taipei

A Chinese deliveryman had a sudden cardiac arrest during work a few days ago. Fortunately, the incident happened at a medical school. The students gave him first aid when they saw him at the first moment. The teachers and the professors in the office rushed to the scene immediately after learning the news. Due to the fact that they fully grasped the precious rescue time, the delivery man was successfully saved. In terms of this incident, Wang Chih-ya, the education consultant of the Taipei City Government thought of the tragedy that happened to her brother. Things might have had another ending if he had received this kind of proper rescue. Claiming that it is impossible for her to believe that her own brother, Wang Ching-chieh was left alone after clearly indicating that he was having chest tightness and that he couldn’t breathe properly, which had led to his tragic death eventually. She condemned that Le Méridien Taipei hotel treats human lives as nothing during and after the incident happened.

Recently, a video has been widely spread on the Internet. A deliveryman suddenly fell down to the ground while working. It can be seen from the screen that the man was trying to get up and ask for help, but he collapsed to the ground due to powerlessness. The colleague dialed 120 and called the ambulance urgently. Thankfully, the place where the man collapsed happened to be on the campus of Hsiang-Ya Medical College of Central South University in China. When the crowd began to confirm the condition of the man, a female graduate student of the School of Nursing happened to pass by. She was shocked by the fact that the man’s face was gradually turning purple. After confirming his vital signs and whether he was still conscious, she found that the patient had no breathing and heartbeat. Therefore, she started the first aid procedure without hesitation. It was praised by people that it was a model first aid.

Not only that, since the CPR process cannot be interrupted at all, the surrounding student took turns to perform CPR when the previous female master student started to appear exhausted. When the college counselor learned of the situation, he hurriedly asked the students to get the AED (Automated External Defibrillators) to rescue the man. After the teachers and the professors in the office learned about the news, they rushed to the scene immediately. After a series of rescue and on-site consultations with experts, the patient regained consciousness, and finally everyone worked together to send the delivery man to the hospital. In other words, thanks to the immediate rescue of the teachers and the students, the man survived the danger and successfully saved his precious life.

Wang Chih-ya, an education consultant from Taipei City Government, has mixed feelings about this widely discussed video since her own brother, a senior engineer of MediaTek, also experienced a similar situation in July last year. Wang Chih-ya expressed sadly that it was just that Wang Ching-chieh was not so lucky at the time. Although he had called the hotel staff for help countless times, repeatedly stating that he “cannot breathe the air, has chest tightness, and needs medical treatment”. Unfortunately, Le Méridien Taipei hotel didn’t take it seriously. Instead, a series of mistakes made by the hotel had delayed Wang’s medical treatment for 44 minutes, causing the ultimate death of her brother. When she saw the video of a bunch of teachers and students offering systematic first aid, she couldn’t help but question what was done right by the hotel?

Wang Chih-ya pointed out that when she appeared in court for the first time, the lawyer even taunted her parents and said, “There is nothing wrong with the procedure of saving people in the hotel!” and “The hotel has no obligation to save people!” Such words confused the Wang family who is wondering whether the manager of the hotel has consciousness or not and why the hotel is avoiding its responsibility.

Unfortunately, a precious life has passed away. Wang Chih-ya does not want her brother Wang Ching-chieh to die in vain, becoming a ray of grievances who died under the negligence of an unscrupulous hotel. Recently, she has actively promoted related policies, hoping to establish a safer public environment in hotels, and protecting the quality and rights of consumers’ consumption. At the same time, she also suggested that the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government, produce evidence and reveal the truth if it perceives any illegal lodging. If the customers have to sacrifice their lives for reporting injustice, why do we need the government? Thus, Wang called for the Department of Information and Tourism to face the incident and take it seriously.

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