Taiwan Dementia Plan 2.0
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About 10,000 young people with dementia have been forgotten by long-term care services, haven’t they?

▲ Yea-Ing Lotus Shyu, a professor of the School of Nursing at Chang Gung University, expresses hopes that long-term care services won’t forget young people with dementia. (CNEWS in…


‘Abduction’ effect of dementia to impact millions within 20 years

▲ What is the damage of dementia? Dr. Ming-Jang Chiu, director of the Department of Neurology at National Taiwan University Hospital, argues that dementia is a time bomb for millio…


Great strides for human rights made with Taiwan Dementia Plan 2.0 Funding and manpower still put new policy to the test

▲ LiYu Tang, secretary-general of Taiwan Alzheimer’s Disease Association, claims that the Taiwan Dementia Plan 2.0 will enhance the human rights of people with dementia. (CNEWS inf…


Taiwan’s 270,000 people with symptoms of dementia are fool, aren’t they? Concepts need to be reversed

▲ Dr. Tsuann Kuo, President of Taiwan Association of Family Caregivers (TAFC), wants to challenge public perceptions of dementia. (CNEWS information photo / photo reporter Hu Chao-…